Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cow fights off Bear

An Oregon rancher captured on video a rare tussle between his cattle and a black bear. The video shows the animals fighting for their lives. A young black bear penetrated Bill Hoyt's herd and headed straight for one of his cows. At first glance, it appeared the large cow had the upper hand on the bear, but the tables quickly turned as the bear responded. That's when other members of the herd stepped in and joined forces against the dangerous intruder, using their heads to butt, smash and knock the bear down again and again. "You know the old western movies -- you see them circle the wagons. Cattle will do the same thing, and it's a natural instinct to protect themselves in a group from predators," Hoyt explained. "I've seen maybe a similar thing, but not with a bear. They're more likely to fight when they have calves at side. And so the mother, the instinct of a mother is a lot stronger than the flight response." The bear was able to escape the herd's attack. Wildlife experts speculate it may have run into the herd to escape the photographer or to go after a calf. More images after the break...

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