Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toys of Poor African Children

In Africa, the term "childhood without toys" takes on new meaning.
After all, there is terrible poverty prevails, due to which most of children are suffer.
The kids play there with strange things in his most carefree period of life.

Thank you God for my wonderful talents, my looks, my brains, my friends, my home, my strong belief in You, my independence, my supportive family, my many enjoyments and pastimes, my beautiful little town, and the knowledge that I can do anything if I put my mind to it, and the courage and determination to do it.

Holy Land City of Jerusalem

Cardinal bow down ath the birth place of Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Tomb of Jesus Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Mother Mary's tomb.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Mother mary's idol at Dormition church.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Place of ascension.Mark of the footstep of Christ is on the rock.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Place where Jesus multiplied bread and fish.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Golgotha-Crucifixio n place of Jesus.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Jordan River, where John the Bapist baptised Jesus Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Statue of brass snake made by Moses to rescue Israelites from the bite of venomous snake.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Alter in church of annunciation in Nazareth.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] City of Jerusalem.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Dead sea.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Grand old Olive trees in Gethsemane .

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Most Inspiring Graduation Speeches

You don't have to be a graduating senior to benefit from the inspiring words of commencement speakers. No matter how old you are, you can learn from the advice of these writers, thinkers, and leaders. 

Real Celebrities And Their Stunt People

Here are real celebrities and people who make stunts for them.
Brad Pitt

Jennifer Lopez

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie & Stuntwoman Eunice Huthart

Charlize Theron & Stuntwoman Alicia Vela-Bailey

Rob Pattinson & Stunt Double

Kate Beckinsale & Stuntwoman

Carrie Fisher & Stuntwoman Tracey Eddon

Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise & their Stuntpeople

Natalie Portman & Stunt Double Ballerina Sarah Lane

Tom Cruise & Michael McIntyre

Tom Hardy & Stuntman

January Jones & Stuntwoman

Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Coltrane & Stunt Doubles

Uma Thurman & Zoe Bell

Lucy Lawless & Zoe Bell

Regina King & Stuntwoman

Funny Public Signs Boards

 A compilation of hilarious public WTF signs...