Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Land City of Jerusalem

Cardinal bow down ath the birth place of Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Tomb of Jesus Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Mother Mary's tomb.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Mother mary's idol at Dormition church.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Place of ascension.Mark of the footstep of Christ is on the rock.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Place where Jesus multiplied bread and fish.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Golgotha-Crucifixio n place of Jesus.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Jordan River, where John the Bapist baptised Jesus Christ.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Statue of brass snake made by Moses to rescue Israelites from the bite of venomous snake.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Alter in church of annunciation in Nazareth.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] City of Jerusalem.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Dead sea.
Holly Land [www.ritemail.blogspot.com] Grand old Olive trees in Gethsemane .

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