Friday, April 30, 2010

Dignity of Labour

Once a man from among the Ansars came to the Prophet (Pbuh) expecting some charity. The Prophet (Pbuh) asked the man: “ what do you have in your house?” The man replied: “ I have a blanket big enough to cover our body and to spread as a carpet. Also I have a leather bag that we use to carry water to drink.”

The Prophet (Pbuh) told him: “ You go home and bring both to me.”
The man went home and brought both these articles. The Prophet (Pbuh) took hold of them and asked those present: “Who will buy these?”
The man said: “I will take them for one dirham”
The Prophet (Pbuh) said: “Can anyone offer some higher amount?”
Another man: “ I will take them for two dirhams.” The Prophet (Pbuh) collected two dirhams from this man and delivered the articles to him. The Prophet (Pbuh) gave this amount to the Ansar telling : “ Go and buy food for your family with one dirham and with another, you buy an axe and bring it to me.”

The man did as the Prophet (Pbuh) told. The Prophet (Pbuh) made a handle for the axe with his own hands and returned the axe to the man and said: “Go! Cut wood with this axe, sell the wood and meet me after 15 days.”

The man went to the forest, cut wood, sold them and returned to the Prophet (Pbuh) with 20 dirhams in his hand-the money that he had earned for his labour. Out of this earning, he bought clothing for some amount and provision for some amount. He was happy. Then the Prophet (Pbuh) told him: “This is good for you rather than begging that leaves horrible scars on your face in the hereafter."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The World's Smallest Horse
Einstein the pinto stallion weighed just 6lbs when he was born on Friday in Barnstead, New Hampshire. Photo: Reuters

A newborn miniature horse in Barnstead could lay claim to the title of smallest horse in the world. The pinto stallion, Einstein, arrived Friday morning weighing just 6 pounds and measuring 14 inches in height at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, 158 Garland Road, Barnstead, New Hampshire, UK. Einstein’s breeders is reaching out to the “Guinness Book of World Records, ” according to New Hampshire News.

“It’s the miracle in Barnstead,” co-owner Rachel Wagner said. Wagner, a family practice physician, lives with husband Charles Cantrell, a live entertainment producer, in Bellingham, Wash., but the couple spend their summers at a house in Gilmanton.

The horse holding the current world record is Thumbelina, a chestnut mare born in 2001 near St. Louis. Thumbelina was born 11 inches tall and 8.5 pounds. She now stands 17.5 inches tall and weighs 58 pounds.

Wagner said she submitted an application Friday night to the Guinness World Records to see if Einstein could oust Thumbelina. Wagner said she doesn’t know if the size of the horse is determined by height or weight, and was not sure whether the horse must be measured when fully grown.
The three-day-old foal, which could be the smallest horse ever born, is petted by a visitor at the miniature horse farm. Photo: Reuters

“Thumbellina, who holds the current Guinness world record, was born at 9 pounds,” said Dr. Rachel Wagner. One key distinction between the two horses, Wagner added, is that Thumbelina is a dwarf while Einstein is regularly proportioned. Dwarf miniatures can have oversized heads and stumpy legs, but Wagner said Einstein is “physically perfect.”

Breeders said what really sets Einstein apart is his proportion � he shows no sign of dwarfism. “The head, to the legs, the length, width, height, everything’s just beautiful about this little horse,” said Charlie Cantrell, Einstein’s co-owner.

“Most of the ones that are really, really tiny are what we call dwarfs, and they have some sort of dysmorphic features that aren’t really normal or healthy,” Wagner said. “This little guy is like all horses, he’s almost all leg.” “I have been at this for 20 years-plus and I have never seen one this tiny or even close to it,” said Judy Smith, of Tiz a Miniature Horse Farm. She also noted that Einstein isn’t a preemie. He was born three days after his due date, she said.
Co-owner Dr Rachel Wagner holds a ruler up next to the tiny horse as he plays in a field. Photo: Reuters

Between 10 and 15 miniature horses are born on Smith’s farm each year. Smith and her husband, Larry, attach electronic devices to pregnant mares, and a beeper goes off at their bedside when the horse lays down in anticipation of giving birth.

At about 3 a.m. Friday, Smith said the beeper went off as Einstein’s mother, Tiz Finesse, was about to go into labor for her first time. Both Tiz Finesse and Einstein’s father, Bear Branch Painted Feather, are award-winning miniatures, Smith said.

Smith said she had never seen a horse as small as Einstein. The average size of a newborn miniature horse is 21 inches and 18 pounds, she said. Nervous about his fragility, she stayed by his side for four hours after his birth to make sure he would be okay, hesitating to even rub him with a towel. They outfitted the pony with a small dog coat to keep him warm.

Later that morning, Wagner said she and Cantrell were eating breakfast at Parker’s Roast Beef & Seafood in Chichester when they saw the Smiths looking “shocked.” Wagner, 40, bought a horse from the farm two years ago and has known Judy, 68, since she used to vacation in Gilmanton as a child. “We rushed over here,” Wagner said. “We laid eyes on him and I fell in love.”

Cantrell and Wagner said they considered gelding Einstein, but now they’re going to wait. So, it’s possible the little stallion could have some tiny offspring of his own. For now, he’s just busy looking cute. “You just can’t help but just smile and fall in love,” Wagner said

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nehru – Shocking facts about him!!!

Hi Guyz, am starting a topic which might depress Nehru fans.

Let me start with positive facts about him. If i am wrong somewhere please help me correct it.

positivezz (all of you know thizz) :

1. Freedom fighter

2. First Prime Minister of India

3. His birthday celebrated as Childrenz day

4. His generation still continues to rule India (positive to him not to people)

Now the other part

negativezz (most of you dont know this) :

1. Most disabled leader

2. He was not ALONE

I will quote certain alleged facts to support my points. The two of the three major wars, Sino-Indian war (1962) and First India-Pak war(1965) were fought during his regime and we lost most of the regions to China and Pakistan. Now it is alleged that the terror outfits are operating from POK. As most of you know a cold war was going on between Patel and Nehru. Worse than that was the cold war between Rajagopalachari and Nehru. Many despised him. His private seceratry, M.O. Mathai writes certain facts about Nehru which were meant to degrade his name. Though the book was a biography, it indirectly shows that Mathai despised Nehru a lot. Mathai writes about some of the illegal relationships that Nehru had during his period. Nehru had a relation ship with Lady Mountbatten(Edwina) which Lord Mountbatten itself knew it. Lady Pamela , daughter of Lord Mountbatten, writes in her book about their relationship “…towards the end of the 15 months we spent in India, the immediate attraction between my mother and Pandit ji blossomed into love. My mother had already had lovers, my father was inured to it, but the relationship with Nehru remained platonic“.

Mathai writes in his book ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’ (but now suppressed by the GOI), “a young woman from Benares arrived in New Delhi as a sanyasini named Shraddha Mata (an assumed and not a real name). She was a Sanskrit scholar well versed in the ancient Indian scriptures and mythology. People, including MPs, thronged to her to hear her discourses. One day S.D. Upadhyaya, Nehru’s old employee, brought a letter in Hindi from Shraddha Mata. Nehru gave her an interview in the PM’s house. As she departed, I noticed that she was young, shapely and beautiful. Meetings with her became rather frequent, mostly after Nehru finished his work at night. During one of Nehru’s visits to Lucknow, Shraddha Mata turned up there, and Upadhyaya brought a letter from her as usual. Nehru sent her the reply; and she visited Nehru at midnight… Suddenly Shraddha Mata disappeared. In November 1949 a convent in Bangalore sent a decent looking person to Delhi with a bundle of letters. He said that a young woman from northern India arrived at the convent a few months ago and gave birth to a baby boy. She refused to divulge her name or give any particulars about herself. She left the convent as soon as she was well enough to move out but left the child behind. She however forgot to take with her a small cloth bundle in which, among other things, several letters in Hindi were found. The Mother Superior, who was a foreigner, had the letters examined and was told they were from the Prime Minister. The person who brought the letters surrendered them…I made discreet inquiries repeatedly about the boy but failed to get a clue about his whereabouts. Convents in such matters are extremely tightlipped and secretive. Had I succeeded in locating the boy, I would have adopted him. He must have grown up as a Catholic Christian blissfully ignorant of who his father was.

Shankar Ghose writes in his book ”Jawaharlal Nehru, a Biography“ that Nehru had a relationship with daughter of Sarojini Naidu, Padmaja Naidu and also quotes an instance when Padmaja Naidu threatened to commit suicide when she saw Nehru with Lady Mountbatten. These are only known relationships. Only God knows still how many women were in his life.

I am sorry if i had hurted the feelings of Nehru fans. I have taken the notes of the writers who have written

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

Worlds Largest Passenger Cruise Ship – Royal Caribbean “Freedom of the Seas”

M/S Freedom of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. The world’s largest passenger vessel, she can accommodate over 4,300 passengers on her fifteen passenger decks, served by over 1300 crew.

She is about 229 ft. longer, about 108,000 gross tons larger, and can accommodate 2,147 more passengers than RMS Titanic. Her operating costs are $1 million per day. Rooms for the maiden voyage were priced from $1,900 to $22,000 for the week. As routine service continues, starting room rates are expected to descend as low as $700 for cruises scheduled in the autumn of 2007. The ship consumes approximately 28,000 gallons of fuel per hour.

Facilities – The ship features three swimming areas; an interactive water park, a dedicated adult pool and the main pool. There are 2 whirlpools cantilevered out from the ship’s sides. The Royal Promenade sports a coffee shop, Sorrento’s Pizzeria, a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream shop, Vintage’s winery, the Bull and Bear Irish pub, and many Duty-free shops. The 13th deck features a sports area with amenities such as a rock climbing wall, the FlowRider (an onboard wave generator for surfing), a miniature golf course and a full size basketball court. Other items include an ice skating rink, a casino, a Johnny Rockets, Wi-Fi capabilities throughout the ship, flat panel televisions in all staterooms, and cell phone connectivity.

10 Most Breathtaking Fountains in the World

Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas): A Choreographed Water Show

The Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (USA) are a vast, choreographed water fountains with performances set to light and music. The performances are visible from numerous vantage points on the Strip, both from the street and from neighboring structures. The fountain’s show takes place every 30 minutes in the afternoons and early evenings, and every 15 minutes from 8 PM to midnight. The Fountains are set in a nine-acre man-made lake. The fountain display is choreographed to various pieces of music; current pieces include “Fly Me To The Moon” (Frank Sinatra), “Time to Say Goodbye” (Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli) and “My Heart Will Go On” (Celine Dion).

Contrary to a common urban myth that the lake is filled with treated greywater from the hotel, it is actually serviced by a fresh water well, that was drilled decades prior to irrigate a golf course which previously utilized the site. In fact, the fountains use less water at present than under its prior golf course use. They incorporate a network of underwater pipes with over 1,200 nozzles that makes it possible to stage fountain displays coordinated with over 4,500 lights. It is estimated that the fountains cost US$50 million to build.

Fountain of Wealth (Suntec): World’s Largest Fountain

The Fountain of Wealth is located underground within the largest shopping mall of Suntec City in Singapore and is famous for being the world’s largest fountain. A symbol of wealth and life, the Fountain’s design was based on the Hindu mandala, and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit, unity and harmony among the four races in Singapore. The fountain is made of bronze, and consists of a circular ring with a circumference of 66 metres supported on four large slanted columns. It occupies an area of 1683 metres (5521 ft), with a height of 13.8m (45.2 ft). Water from the fountain shoots up to 30 metres high.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Barcelona): A spectacular display of colour, light and motion

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is a spectacular display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics in Barcelona. Located between Placa d’Espanya and the National Palau, the magic fountain attracts thousands of tourists every night. Built by designer Carles Buigas in 1929 for the Great Universal Exhibition, over 3000 workers were commissioned to work on the project for less than a year.

Volcano Fountain (Abu Dhabi): Forever Lost

Sadly, on 2004 the Volcano Fountain –once an scenic landmark of Abu Dhabi and one of the world’s most beautiful fountains– was demolished to make space for a more picturesque development of the neighborhood. The 80-foot-high fountain was built like a circular pyramid, with a flight of steps from the four sides going up the six platforms to the fountain on the top. On the evenings, the fountain would turn into a pleasant spectacle with coloured lights on as the water cascades down.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountains (Xian): Around Emperor Gaozong’s Pagoda

Originally built in 652 during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. Located in the southern suburb of Xian City (China), the fountain is home to the largest musical fountain in Asia, with the longest light-belt in the world.

People’s Friendship Fountain (Moscow): A Gilded USSR Fountain

The People’s Friendship Fountain (also known as Friendship of Nations) on Moscow features 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national costumes, representing all the Soviet Union Republics. The fountain is framed by an octahedral bowl of red granite with a surface area of 4,000 square meters. The fountain is serviced by a complex system of eight powerful pumps that can shoot 1,200 liters of water from 800 jets to the height of 24 meters per second.

Oval Fountain (Tivoli): UNESCO world heritage site

The Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain), also called Fontana di Tivoli, is located in Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italy. The fountain cascades from its egg-shaped basin into a pool set against a rustic nymphaeum. The design was made by Pirro Ligorio. The whole Villa was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001.

Peterhof Fountain (Saint Petersburg): Along the Russian Versailles

Peterhof is an immensely luxurious and beautifully preserved Imperial estate, founded in 1710 by Peter the Great on the shore of the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea). It combines several ornate palaces, a number of beautifully landscaped parks and a dazzling array of magnificent statues and fountains, lending it the epithet “The Russian Versailles”. The Grand Cascade flows spectacularly from beneath the palace towards the Baltic Sea and is one of the largest fountain ensembles in the world. From the Grand Cascade’s largest fountain, decorated with a magnificent gold statue of Samson battling with the lion, a channel flows through the park to the pier, where hydrofoils and boats from St. Petersburg dock.

King Fahd’s Fountain (Jeddah): World’s Tallest

Located in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the King Fahd’s Fountain is famous for being the highest fountain in the world, throwing water up to 1023-ft (312m) –that’s taller than the Eiffel Tower if you exclude the antenna. It uses 3 massive pumps that can deliver 625 litres of water per second at an amazing speed of 233 mph (375 km/h). Traveling to Jeddah, don’t forget to pay it a visit, it’s incredible.

Ocean Dome: Japan’s pride, Mother Nature’s envy!

The ideas we nurture today in our dreams, apparently, Japan not only seizes it much before, but also gives it a practical shape and this very thing makes Japan an undisputable vanguard in the arena of technology. It seems quite impossible to find a beach where the sky is always blue and always experiences a moderate climate, sea surfs raise as per your wishes, moreover, there is no threat of the attack of wild sharks.

However, if you are in the country of rising sun, all these things are possible because here you will find the world’s biggest indoor beach, named Ocean Dome, measuring 300 meters in length, 100 meters in width. The indoor beach also boasts of world’s largest retractable roof, providing a permanently blue sky. Temperature, wind and humidity are closely customized in order to provide unparallel seaside experience. Every hour, the hi-tech machines produce artificial waves. Ocean Dome is listed in The Guiness Book of World Records as the word’s largest indoor water parks.

You would find it quite difficult to find a difference between the Ocean Dome and any natural seashore. Ocean doom endows with all and sundry amenities, ranging from shops where you can rent the latest in swimsuit fashions to heated indoor pool, kids’ pool, floating pool, and the three fast and thrilling water slides. Apart from these fun activities, you can fulfill your desire of enjoying drinks, fast food, light snacks restaurants providing all these facilities are easily to be found.

7 Wonders of the World

The New 7 Wonders Foundation is a private organization established in 2001, which is dedicated to investing in good causes related with the monument preservation and reconstruction around the world.

This organization prepared a global contest on Internet whose goal was to find the New Seven Wonders of the World. This election was made through a global vote on its website. Finally, on July 07, 2007 the election’s results were announced and these are the proclaimed New Seven Wonders of the World:

Chichen Itza – Mexico

Chichen Itza is the religious center more amazing of the Mexican history and one of citadels Mayan more ancient.

More about Chichen Itza

Christ the Redeemer – Brazil

Christ the Redeemer, the most important monument of the Catholic parishioners waits for the visitors of the whole world with the opened arms.

More about Christ the Redeemer

Great Wall of China – China

One of the most famous structures of the world and unique human structure that can be seen from the space.

More about Great Wall of China

Machupicchu – Peru

One of the new seven wonders, the most beautiful Inca city and the main archeological site of America.

More about Machupicchu

Petra – Jordan

Petra, the giant red mountains and extensive mausoleums are appreciated for being one of the greatest wonders worked by the Nature and the Man.

More about Petra

Roman Colosseum – Italy

An elliptical amphitheatre, the Coliseum is one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering.

More about Roman Colosseum

Taj Mahal – India

Taj Mahal or the epitome of love is a magnificent monument that reflects an immense love.

Big holes in the world

There are a lot of big holes in the world becouse of human made or naturel happens. This are the biggest. And there are no photoshops on pictures…

Mirny diamon mine from east Siberia. Mirny is 525 m. depth and 1.25 km in diameter.


Kimberly Hole from South Africa . It is a diamond mine

Kimberly Hole is about 1097 m. depth

Bingham Canyon Hole from UTAH . Its depth above 1 km and about 4 km width

Diavik Diamond Mine from Canada

Save Mother Earth

Tigers – Under Extinction

Lakes - Are drying
Mercury – Is Rising
Finally, LIFE – SUCKS…..
We all are aware of whats happening around us.
We all have the knowledge of what needs to be done..
But we what we all lag is to ACT…

A place once know for life and beauty is now turning into a puff of smoke…
We humans feel proud for being the most beautiful creature of GOD…
But now we are the BEAST…

We are Transforming…..
Transforming @ an Alarming Rate….

“For the past 150 years there was no such Snow Fall”
“For the past 100 years there were no such floods”…
But what has happened in the past 100 or 150 years… Just think a second… Who changed it???? “WE”

The TIME has COME… lets ACT now…
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of Paper.
  • Avoid Polythene (Completely): Polythene is effecting marine life a lot.
  • Plant trees in your neighborhood

Angkor Wat – A Must Visit Place!!!

Angkor Wat is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and later became a prime site for buddhists. This temple is located in Cambodia and is the epitome of Khmer architecture. This is the only temple that remained as a significant religious site since its foundation. This is the countries’ prime attraction site for visitors and combodia selected the symbol of this temple on its national flag.

Cambodia National Flag
Angkor Wat’s (means “city temple”) construction and design started in 12th century during Suryavarman III’s reign. But the construction work stopped after the kings death. In 14th century this temple was converted to Theravada Buddhist use. This is the biggest temple in terms of area but with less activity. This is one of the Combodia’s world heritage sites and its worth visiting this place.

Our 3Wic team visited Angkor Wat this month. It was a dream for me to visit Angkor Wat after seeing the picturesque scenes pictured in the movie Lara Croft – Tomb Raider starring one of the beauty queens Angelina Jolie. The only difficulty i faced throughout the journey in Cambodia was that, there were no ATM’s around. I had to carry the great deal of cash in my pockets. Happy that, there were no thieves around in Cambodia, that made our trip indeliable ;) The restaurants around the place are very cheap. The food available here is of two types, one is of Khmer variety and the other one is Thai. If you are a Non Vegetarian, you will enjoy it the most ( i am a pure veg, had to struggle a lot there :( :( while my team were enjoying the delicacies :) )

Its better to get a 3 day pass here, if you are going for a 1 day pass, i really feel its a waste of time, you would end up seeing nothing. The temperature here was hot, but better compared to Indian climate.The site is protected by the World Heritage Trust. Around 7 million people visit this place every year. Most of the temples here you see are only ruins. But one has to give credit to the WHT, which has taken a lot of effort to restore it to a good condition. The only temple i found in good shape is Ta Phromh. This temple has a huge complex like a monastery with trees grown on all sides. I havent seen a temple like this before.

We stayed in a luxury hotel there. It was completely a heaven, the food, the ambience was completely superb. If i were rich as Bill Gates or Ambani, i wouldnt have left that place.

I loved visiting this place, if you get a chance to see this massive monument, dont give it a miss!!!