Monday, April 26, 2010

Save Mother Earth

Tigers – Under Extinction

Lakes - Are drying
Mercury – Is Rising
Finally, LIFE – SUCKS…..
We all are aware of whats happening around us.
We all have the knowledge of what needs to be done..
But we what we all lag is to ACT…

A place once know for life and beauty is now turning into a puff of smoke…
We humans feel proud for being the most beautiful creature of GOD…
But now we are the BEAST…

We are Transforming…..
Transforming @ an Alarming Rate….

“For the past 150 years there was no such Snow Fall”
“For the past 100 years there were no such floods”…
But what has happened in the past 100 or 150 years… Just think a second… Who changed it???? “WE”

The TIME has COME… lets ACT now…
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of Paper.
  • Avoid Polythene (Completely): Polythene is effecting marine life a lot.
  • Plant trees in your neighborhood

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