Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hotel V8

In the German city of Stuttgart is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. Its interior uses a large number of cars. A culmination of this car is a disgrace bed, retro-styled car.

02. By the way, in fact, the bed is not stylized retro-cars. Here, rather, the opposite. Old cars were converted into comfortable beds.
03. The interior of the hotel hints on roads and cars. Tables of engine or toilet with wheel motorcycle - the perfect solution.
04. V8 itself is on the site of the former airfield, which lasted about 30 years and was destroyed in 1945 by the Allies.
05. Next to the hotel is a museum of cars «Meilenwerk».
06. The cost of one room per day ranges from 100 to 300 euros.

Miss Earth 2012

Natalia participated in Miss Russia 2009, holds the titles of Miss Kursk 2006 1st runner up, Miss Moscow 2010, Russian Beauty 2011 (Krasa Rossii) and now delegated from Russia to Miss Earth 2012. 

Beauty of Kazakhstan

 Lake "Middle Kulsay." Included in the system of three very beautiful ponds, cascaded. At this point in the national park.
South-East Kazakhstan — Photographer Gregory Bedenko, Kazakhstan - the land of mostly prairie. However, the south-east by the mountains of Tien Shan, known for its stunning beauty of landscapes. 

Mountain river valley on the border with Kyrgyzstan 
Lake Kulsay. Included in the system of three natural ponds, cascaded. It is in the middle.
To the north is bordered by Trans-Ili Alatau National Park "Altyn Emel," where there are mountains of "Ak-Tau" ("White Mountains").Here there amaze combination of limestone, sandstone and dolomite.
National park "Altyn Emel." A mountain range called "Ak-Tau." Strange shapes in hybrid structures made of limestone, sandstone, dolomite and clay formed by wind and water erosion.
Delta lakes in the river or
Creek with unusual color of water because of the special sediment - algae, obviously rich in salts of iodine.
Lake "Top Kulsay."  It is located almost on the border with Kyrgyzstan.Very near the famous Issyk-Kul.
National park "Altyn Emel." This formation is called "Singing Dunes". Place absolutely amazing: a huge mass of sand is concentrated only here, dozens of miles around there is nothing like it.
Ili River in November
Bronze Autumn in Jungar Alatau.