Friday, April 23, 2010

21 Amazing Creative Commons Nature Photos

Here at WILD, we’re wild about the environment. The wild areas of our planet offer some of the most beautiful sights one can behold. It is very easy to put our heads down and focus on our work so much that we forget to look up and enjoy the beauty of that which we are all working so hard to protect. With this sentiment in mind, we present these beautiful images of wild nature provided by the Flickr community.

Natures Secret by Cesar R.

"Nature's Secret" by Cesar R.

The Princess---Up Close by Picture Taker 2

"The Princess---Up Close" by Picture Taker 2

les dents de lamère by Pixelicus

"les dents de l'amère" by Pixelicus

Gifts of Nature by Ivan Makarov

"Gifts of Nature" by Ivan Makarov

A Soft Summer Night in the Marsh by Stuck in Customs

"A Soft Summer Night in the Marsh" by Stuck in Customs

Made by Nature by gari.baldi

"Made by Nature" by gari.baldi

Jaws by CW Ye

"Jaws" by CW Ye

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemondrops by Thomas Hawk

"Where Troubles Melt Like Lemondrops" by Thomas Hawk

Nature at its Best by Harold_5056

"Nature at its Best" by Harold_5056

The Gift of the Moose by Steve took it

"The Gift of the Moose" by Steve took it

Yosemite Valley Panorama by John in LA

"Yosemite Valley Panorama" by John in LA

The Shell by Garry

"The Shell" by Garry'

Hvalneshorn 3 by omarrun

"Hvalneshorn 3" by omarrun

Fir Tree Scops by left-hand

"Fir Tree Scops" by left-hand

Joshua Tree at Sunset by .: sandman

"Joshua Tree at Sunset" by .: sandman

Its raining light, Hallelujah! by Paco CT

"It's raining light, Hallelujah!" by Paco CT

Skyline by Wolfgang Staudt

"Skyline" by Wolfgang Staudt

Proboscis by macropoulos

"Proboscis" by macropoulos

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park by Stuck in Customs

"A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park" by Stuck in Customs

Cocodrilo by Reyes

"Cocodrilo" by R'eyes

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