Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life’s Loving Gifts

... An inner journey; accepting and calm

A quieted mind, a healing balm

Centered awareness; treasures shown

Timeless wisdom, we've always known

Smiles of joy, thanksgiving to above

Trusting in our true source of love ...

"Life has a wonderful way of guiding us along the highest path; one which serves our greatest good!"
I understand that some may have difficulty with such a claim, and yet, it has always proven true throughout my life’s experiences. Yes, sometimes we may feel that all is in a state of disorder and that everything is stacked up against our efforts ... indeed, along my personal journey, I can divide my life into those events that have gone my way and those that seemed counter to my goals. So, where were the "loving gifts" in all of those challenges?

Dear friends,

There may be times when we feel anxious, all alone and lacking any true wisdom. Yet, when we choose to really look for these "gifts" we will then begin to realize what our higher selves are lovingly calling to our attention. It is helpful to raise our awareness above what may seem to be the constant "mental noise" generated by our daily challenges.
Yes, this may prove difficult, as many of us have been conditioned since birth to use only a small number of the many potential tools at our command. Yet, when we calmly enter into our place of inner wisdom to search out these gifts they will always be given, even during our darkest hours ... just the faith in that alone will help to bring them into our awareness ... in what seems like an instant!
Life’s Gifts often come in many different disguises ... sometimes they appear as barriers, blocking our goals or even bringing us pain; but yet, they are actually doorways opening into our greatest dreams ... a place to realize true peace and happiness.
So, try this experiment the next time you feel burdened by what seems like a great weight upon your shoulders ... first, bring acceptance upon the situation ... as it is in your present reality, and then, search out its hidden gems! Soon, you will begin to discover its hidden treasures, which will then prove helpful along your life’s journey!
Know that we are all connected to a loving source that always wants to help us, as life was never meant to be a painful struggle. These precious gifts will then help us to get back onto the "right path" towards peace, health and happiness! We need have only a small measure of trust that they exist and are being freely given ... and so, they will soon be brought into our current reality.
This realization will then form an integral part towards our awakening, serving on the journey to reunite in that place where we all originated!

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