Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bizarre Things Made from Hair

                                              01. A necklace of human hair.

A selection of strange and unusual things made out of hair.  
02. Embroidery, where instead of the yarn I used human hair.

03. A sweater from a dog's coat. 

04. The inscription of the hair on the leg.

05. Art installation "Stairway hair."

06. Model of the Gate of Heavenly Peace in Beijing, made from human hair.

07. Tunica iz1 million meters of a human hair. For its creation, it took 54 people hair.

08. Sculptures of the leaves, made of human hair.

09. Obama's sculpture of a human hair.

10. Points from human hair. The binder component is used biorezina.

11. Headphones from human hair in the style of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

12. Dress made of 250 yards of human hair.

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