Sunday, July 3, 2011

Real names of Celebrities

Vin Diesel - Mark Vincent
Real names of celebrities and their aliases — Today we learn the real names of celebrities who have come up with pseudonyms to hide from us their origin or to consonance

Reese Witherspoon - Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon

Demi Moore - Demetria Gaynes

Tom Cruise - Tom Mapozer

Puff Daddy - Sean Combs, John

Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie's

Elton John - Reginald Kenneth Dwight

Snoop Dogg - Calvin Broadus Kordazer

Shenayya Tueni - Eileen Regina Edwards

Tom Jones - Thomas Woodward

Miley Cyrus - Destiny Hope Cyrus

Shakira - Shakira Isabel Mebarak

Jodie Foster - Alicia Christian Foster

Busta Rhymes - Trevor Smith

Chuck Norris - Carlos Ray

50 Cent - Curtis Jackson

Ashton Kutcher - Christopher Ashton Kutcher

Axl Rose - William Bailey

Alicia Keys - Alicia Cook Odzhello

Bob Dylan - Robert Zimmerman

Bruce Lee - Lee Yuen Kam

David Bowie - David Robert Jones

Whoopi Goldberg - Caryn Johnson

Fergie - Stacey Ferguson

Madonna - Mary Louise Ciccone

Kirk Douglas - Issur Danielovich

Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jean Baker

Woody Allen - Allen Konigsberg

George Michael - Georgios Panaionku

Winona Ryder - Winona Laura Horowitz

Danny DeVito - Daniel Michael

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