Friday, September 16, 2011

How To Build Trust

Trust is so fragile that is hard to put back to its original state when broken. My simple tips how to build trust is dedicated to kids and their parents as well.

Tips How To Build Trust:
  • Never tell a lie, always tell the truth. And, say it kindly and tactfully.
  • Be real, do not act like somebody you are not.
  • Do not gossip about other people’s life. The one you are talking to may think you are gossiping her at her back. The worst scene is – if she pass what you said to other people too.
  • Never betray a confidence. Do not tell the secrets confided to you.
  • Keep all the promises you made. If you cannot keep a promise, better not to promise at all.
  • When you borrow something, always return it as soon as possible.

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