Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joy Mascarenhas Does Mite in Conserving Reptile Species

Joy S Mascarenhas, a native of Ujire, who also has a mobile service centre, is known for his hobby of capturing poisonous reptiles.
One must admire his grit and energy in catching highly venomous and dangerous reptiles such as king cobras, serpents, snakes, and pythons, in the midst of people who shiver even upon seeing a lizard in their homes.
He not only captures live reptiles but also treats them gently!

Joy had ventured into this hobby five years ago when a python was spotted in his house. A determined Joy courageously caught the python and handed it over to the forest authority.
Since then, it has become his vision to attend to calls so as to rescue the most dangerous reptiles. He has realized the gravity of the situation as people in his neighbourhood were killing the threatening reptiles that traversed into their houses or plantations, fearing their bites.
Joy realized that the species of reptiles would become extinct sooner or later if one didn’t act swiftly to do his mite in rescuing the reptiles and setting them free in reserve forests or wildlife sanctuaries.
He has educated himself on various species of tropical reptiles over the past five years. Joy has so far caught 15 king cobras, 192 serpents, 3 pythons, and 20 other poisonous reptiles.
Fourteen of the king cobras have been handed over to Pilikula Wildlife Sanctuary, Vamanjoor, Mangalore. Joy has also been successful in helping the people overcome their fear of dangerous reptiles.
He has also caught several poisonous reptiles after being called in by the forest department of Beltangady Range and has also been issued a commendation letter for his humanitarian efforts in conserving reptiles.
Kannada dailies hailed Joy’s skills by publishing reports along with his picture. ‘Suddi Bidugade’ has also published a detailed report on Joy. He has also been felicitated by ICYM, Ujire parish unit, and Jaycees International.
Joy has also conducted several information camps on local species of reptiles across the taluk for students of various schools and colleges. He can be contacted at +91-9448327082. (INDIA)

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