Friday, January 25, 2013

Amazing Hyper Realism Oil Paintings

Ever since she was a little girl she felt the urge to draw everything around her. At the age of twelve, her parents decided to enroll her into the academy of fine arts where she was thoroughly educated in the art of drawing and sculpting.

When Christiane reached the age of seventeen, she decided to try her luck in the city of Antwerp and enjoyed three years of education at SISA, where she devoted herself to Decor, publicity and nature drawings. After successfully completing those years, Christiane proudly enrolled herself into the Royal Academy of Antwerp, where she would follow two years of life drawing and familiarize herself further with the technique of oil on canvas. 

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  1. She truly amazing, the dimple on face, expressions all look so real, as if someone taken photo. I have never seen such a great artist ever in my life...I mean it