Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cute Series Pairs Feet with Paws

A little while ago, we featured the work of Alex Beker, the Miami-based photographer, graphic designer and art director who created Abandoned Televisions, a series that brought back memories of old shows we used to watch. Beker is back with a new series and, this time, it's a little lighter.
Feet & Paws explores the fun relationship humans have with their dogs. Inspired by a best of show-type poodle he spotted in a local park, he took the simple idea of shooting the paws of a dog next to the feet of the dog owner and ran with it. As he told us, "I asked the dog walker if I could take photos of the dog's paws, and almost instantly I visualized this series of human-dog relationships from a different angle, a lower one. It becomes almost like a fashion comparison."
Taken in all different parts of his hometown of Miami, including parks and sidewalks, Beker's photos are sure to make anyone, dog lover or not, crack a smile.

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