Monday, September 23, 2013

Flying car concept from Volkswagen

No Matter how much we advance in technology, lengthening lifespans, creating artificial organs, and plastering touchscreens of all sizes on absolutely everything, it won’t feel quite like the “future” until we can fly to work. That most basic element in depictions of the future, the flying car, has been absent from reality, somehow leaving us unconvinced of how far we’ve come.From Volkswagen, and a young gaming design student from Chengdu city, we get a flying car concept that fits not only our own desires for futurism, but also the closest idea yet to something that will effectively introduce flight into our daily routines.

The car basically has a spherical shape with space for two people inside. It has no wheel and floats a few inches above the ground. The image of the car floating in the middle of the street, when other autos are running on the road, is absolutely amazing. Circular glass discs have been fitted on the two ends of the car and an elongated glass panel has been fixed at the front. The glass and metal bubble looks utterly stupendous.The Volkswagen Hover Car is a pod-like zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road. The small Volkswagen has two seats and a joystick and, to demonstrate how the car would work, a Chinese couple appears to put the flying car to the test around the bustling streets of Chengdu. The two seem reluctant to climb aboard at first, but once they lift-off, they seem to enjoy all the attention the pod car gets.

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