Monday, October 7, 2013

Dangerous Foods that might harm you

Greenland sharks are dangerous not only while sailing to kayaking, but also for the stomach. Greenland shark urinates like crazy when in danger and huge amount of ammonia and trimethylamine oxide excreted through the tissues of sharks. Enterprising residents of Greenland developed a traditional dish known as the “Kæstur hákarl“. The smell of shark meat is almost unbearable, the consumer is faced with the potential threat of organ damage, toxicity and disease from the poisons that are still present in the meat. Still people eat it.

Kivak is extremely heavy on the stomach and a dangerous food. Ancient Icelandic food known as Kivak consists of fermented (in fact, decomposed) carcasses of small seabirds – guillemots and gulls. Birds who get caught in fish nets are seasoned with seal fat and burried in the ground for up to three years. Birds slowly marinate in seal fat in the cold arctic tundra. When its dug out, not only does it look disgusting, but it can be deadly because botulism.

Botulism is rare but sometimes fatal paralytic illness.

African poisonous bull frogs
African poisonous bull frogs from Namibia. Frog meat comprises potent toxin known as Oshiketakata which can cause kidney failure and death.
Nevertheless, meat frog comprises potent toxin known as Oshiketakata, which can lead to renal failure, muscle damage and even death. Recommendations for handling frogs include their favorites in a pot with special boards which supposedly “neutralize” the toxin. The level of venom is believed to be lower at certain times of the year when food is acceptable for the brave, or perhaps foolhardy, if it comes to handling wooden planks. We can not guarantee that the consumer will not croak

Braised Asian Bats
There are some foods which simply defy the imagination. Possibly the most counter intuitive food is Asian Bat soup, which contains an entire bat placed in a soup bowl after boiling with chicken broth. The bat is dissected with a knife and fork, and the broth is then eaten with a spoon, along with the innards of the bat. Hair is present in the dish, along with the membranes of the bat’s wings. The dish is rather delicious, but we are forced to conclude that it is very unappetizing to see an entire bat floating in front of us. The bats are also capable of carrying a number of human transmissible diseases, and the practice is considered unsustainable by many conservation organizations.

Octopus Tentacles
It is offered some exotic Japanese and Korean restaurants for Western Tourists seeking something different than sushi. Miniature alive octopuses get cut into two parts and served with some soy sauce. Because the animal is an invertebrate with a partially de-centralized nervous system, the tentacles continue to grap, coil and squeeze as they are consumed. In several unfortunate and eerie cases, death has resulted from the disembodied tentacles conspiring to block the airways of diners.
Caviar is a popular dish in Russia, and snails are a popular French dish. Extreme entrepreneurs are engaged in the popularization of a new dish, a delicacy known as “cochlear caviar”, which consists of raw eggs from land snails. The eggs are served on the hard-boiled quail eggs, or with grilled vegetables and exotic salads. They come neatly packaged in small jars with wonderful seasoning, which carries the taste of fresh earth. Raw snail eggs contain brain parasites, which already killed quite a few extreme food lovers.

Snake Burger
Snake Burger made from cobras, rattlesnake and other snake meat can be enjoyed in South-East Asia. Snake meat is perfectly safe but if a chef fails to remove skin from meat correctly toxin will get into the meat.

Inner Organs of Animals
The insides of the digestive, reproductive and nervous systems of some animals are placed in the heart of some of the grotesque, but surprisingly popular dishes. A variety of dishes using membrane of the stomach, intestines and even the testicles of cows and sheep. Lamb testicles are among the most popular, and are served breaded in marinated sauce. In Europe, the dish can be served, known as “offal”, which is made from pig intestines. Head of sheep and fish eyes also appear in the menu. Risks of fatal infections from parasites led to a number of deaths in European restaurants. Cant say how many deaths this caused in countries where health and safety isnt as important as in European restaurants.

Crow pie
Crow pie is the last dish on the list which is popular in Lithuania. Birds are caught at a fairly young age, fried in oil and then served with a plate of grilled vegetables. Meat is rumored to act as an aphrodisiac.
Concerns have been raised over the possibility of contracting diseases from these scavengers. Crow is not considered Kosher or Halal for these reasons.

When you think of food you don’t think of hazardous, infection or death, but in this post you will see foods that can do just that. There are some products that are so unusual and dangerous that they can fight off any appetite, still people eat it.

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