Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amazing Fashion Illustrations Made Out of Flower Petals

22-year-old Grace Ciao has taken the traditional fashion sketch and transformed it into a more tangible illustrative form. Rather than just drawing dress concepts with colored pencils and water colors, the Singapore-based artist builds her dress concepts out of real flower petals. The colorful petals blend perfectly together with line illustrations to produce a new kind of trend where bodices and flowing skirts are beautifully connected to nature.
With a great attention to detail, Ciao layers the textured pieces together to form the key elements of the new designs. She says she enjoys working with flowers that have multiple shades of color on one petal, like lilies and carnations. “They help me create prints which I otherwise couldn’t have thought of,” she explains. “I think petals work really well for illustration also because their delicacy and exquisiteness mimic those of a soft fabric.”

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