Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stunning White Henna Like Tattoos Look Like Lace Draped Over Skin

While some people take the plunge and adorn themselves with permanent tattoos, many others like to know that their body art isn’t forever. We’ve featured stunning temporary tattoos before, such as vintage florals and metallic patterns, and now these henna-inspired designs have caught our eye. The gorgeous mandalas, with their elegant flourishes and fine details have a unique twist—they’re made with white ink rather than the brown pigment we’re used to seeing. This color-change gives them the look of lace draped over the skin.
The bold temporary tattoos come in a variety of designs, and they’re most commonly placed on on the hands, arms, or feet. Check out some of our favorite iterations below. If you’re interested in this style, online shops like Unique Freak Tattoos and Poppylab offer a wide selection.

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