Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hilarious Photos of "Miserable Men" Waiting for the Shopping Trip to Be Over

For anyone that hates shopping, the hilarious Instagram Miserable Men will be painfully relatable. For years, the account has shared photos of guys begrudgingly accompanying their partners on shopping trips. Their body language clearly communicates that they're having way less fun than the person doing the buying. To ease their pain, these men find refuge in cozy chairs, on wooden benches, and even snuggled under the sheets of bedding on display.
If you’ve ever been to a mall, then you’re probably all too familiar with this sight—you might even be the person who patiently waits for someone to finish their shopping. There are a few common themes throughout each photo, and the men pictured are usually doing one of three things: staring into space, endlessly scrolling through their phone, or taking a nap. They all go about this in their own unique way, but one thing is for sure—these guys can't wait to go home.
Celebrities can be miserable men, too:

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