Saturday, October 29, 2016

Loving Big Dog Always Carries His Little Pup Friend on His Back

Ever since Lulu met Blizzard as a little puppy, she took to him as if he was her protective big brother. "She started sleeping on his back for warmth and comfort," their human, David Mazzarella, told The Dodo. Soon, the St. Bernard's back became the vehicle from which Lulu saw the world. Whether they are sightseeing their hometown of Mt. Vernon, Washington, picking pumpkins, going for a hike, taking a bath, or watching TV, Blizzard carries Lulu on his shoulders through it all. "He doesn't seem to mind at all," Mazzarella said. In fact, Blizzard will stop during walks and wait patiently for Lulu to jump up onto her favorite spot. It often takes several tries.
You can follow the beautiful friendship of Blizzard and Lulu on Instagram. 

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