Saturday, January 1, 2011

X-ray reveals dog swallowed 5 cats!

A 1-year-old dog shocked her owner and veterinarian when an X-ray revealed she swallowed five cats whole. Five plastic toy cats that is.

Snowy, a West Highland Terrier, recently fell ill–not eating food and vomited several times a day. Veterinarians thought she had a bad reaction to dog food, and put her on antibiotics and a rice and chicken diet.

But that didn’t work, so doctors took an X-ray.

“I was shocked when the vets phoned to say Snowy had swallowed a few cats,” her owner, Samantha Reed told “I thought they meant real ones!”

Ok, i’ll just say it: HELLLLLO, doctor!!!! All I see are two dogs and a wolf in that photo! MEOW!!!!

Here are the toy cats, removed after an hour-long operation. The biggest was two inches tall and an inch wide:

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