Sunday, May 1, 2011

Festival Of Fishing Under Ice In South Korea

In Korea its time to celebrate winter festivals. During January river Bukhangan, Hwacheon a South Korean county attracts lots of tourists forthe festival of fishing under the Ice. This festival is free to join by anyone and try their luck to get fresh and tasty fish.

This festival is been celebrated since from many years and each year its getting more exciting.

More than thousands of people have already celebrated the festival and tourists are still pouring in.

People stay here for hours to together with their entire families.

This festival is celebrated for three weeks at the lake Hwa- Chong.

The main attraction of this festival is ice fishing, fresh water trout or cherry salmon.

It is not only fun fishing here people get very tasty fish to eat.

The river Hvacheongang usually freezes in January from where the celebrations begins.

Collected fresh fish under frozen ice.

Hundreds of people trying their luck in finding the fish.

Some people tasting the hot fish prepared in the lake itself.

In addition to fishing people enjoying playing football, fireworks, ice sculptures and other family entertainments.

People having look at the fish under the small holes.

People here rely on organic farming and breeding trout as a means of their livelihood. (REUTERS / Lee Jae-Won)

People of this county has public access to do fishing in the river.

People love and enjoy to see fishes swimming under the frozen ice.

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