Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old Paris Picture Collection ( RARE)

The author writes: Recently I received from France a magnificent gift - a collection of unique postcards of Old Paris. Photos by Roger-Viollet. and decided to scan and share with you. Translated from the French mine.
2. Cleaners Louvre. Inserted into a living frame, creating an exciting cleaners resemblance to the work of Gustave Caillebotte "parquet"

3. Regatta at the Tuileries. In March 1943rd young Parisians ran white sailboats off the coast of the reservoir Tuileries.

4. The glass entrance. The area of ??the Nation in 1950. Standing in front of vegetables vendor laid open glass entrance to the subway.

5. Holiday mill. Cycling dancing at a mill in Montmartre, surrounded the area during popular ball, about the year 1900.

6. Wheel of the twentieth century. The wheel was rotated to the twentieth-century. Carousel rides, and accompanied by a huge celebration on the occasion of World Trade 1900, which marked the transition to the new century.

7. Leap into the future. In the summer 1944th daredevil, flying like an angel, he rushed into the Seine with a bridge Jena.

8. The beach at the New Bridge. Children and dogs are floundering in the Seine with the onset of warmer days 1935th.

9. Snow-covered bridge. To get to the Institute in the winter 1942nd on the bridge could only Arts of the snow-covered road.

10. Taking with open arms. On the terraces the Eiffel Tower, this view appeared as the tourists that wanted to Palais de Chaillot, which seemed to accept them with open arms.

11. Priestess of the holiday. During the World Expo 1900 bank of the Seine around the Eiffel Tower were occupied by new pavilions, which dominated here since 1889.

12. Chimera of Notre Dame. Vampire, leaning on the top of Notre Dame, as if frozen in amazement in front of the panorama of Paris.

13. Dizziness. Fearless work is taken for bringing order to design the Eiffel Tower. Top floor of this big flirt located at an altitude of 276 meters, beautiful view!

14. Paris, which he had not seen before! From the terrace of the first floor Eiffel Tower Paris lovers can admire the city through telescopes, which can be found in souvenir shops (1889-1890gg.)

15. Street fonari.Ulitsa World. Cleaners streetlights in 1766 climbing to the gas-lamps on his big stairs to the flame, clean the glass and discover the leak (1944).

16. Trade at the newsstand. Newspapers, journals and reports are sold at newsstands, these small urban churches, appointed on the sidewalks, and the doors locked at night (at the station of St. Lazarus, 1899).

17. French Cancan. French Cancan, fashionable in the 1830's at a public dance balls, was revised and corrected in the 50s during the popular festivals of the circus troupe of girl Fanny.

18.Ostatki Tuileries Palace, view from the Place du Carrousel, 1878. Bowl-bound ingenious aeronaut Zhiffardom, allowed to be head in the clouds, he could accommodate about 50 passengers and was raised to a height of almost 600m.

19. View from the Arc de Triomphe on Avenue Kleber, 1900. It rises. Exactly on the line, which connects the Louvre to the Arc of large Défense, the Arc de Triomphe towers over the Champs Elysees and protects the flame on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

20. Spill the Seine in front of the station of St. Lazarus, 1910. In 1910, the capital hit by the floods, the Parisians moved by boat. January 28 the water level reached 8.62 m and returned to their previous level of 35 days.

21. Icy captivity. Severe frost in 1893 caused frozen Seine, which was covered with ice and made stationary barge on the waterfront Grenelle.

22. Installing Scaffolding at Notre Dame. Paris 1952, a dizzying view to the three workers who were shielded gargoyles to secure the scaffold.

23. Couple in love. Lovers in the Tuileries garden, watching the maneuvers of the vehicles on the Place de la Concorde, in March 1952.

24. Avenue du Bois 1900s. Avenue du Bois, created by Napoleon, made it possible to combine the axis of the Champs Elysees, the Tuileries, the Louvre, Rivoli, with Boulogne forest. Now she was called Avenue Foch.

25. Florist. Well-chosen collar and sleeve, boots with heels and a hat decorated, fashionista lingered in extreme flower florist Bois de Boulogne, who pushes his cart through Paris, the western side (around 1910).

26. Seller of balls on the Place Saint-Michel. These balloons are expecting children to climb into the air over the Seine, on the left bank, in front of Place Saint-Michel (1938).

27. Autumn poetry. Lovers alone in the whole world in the autumn mist Tuileries Gardens, 1945.

28. Puppies for sale at a flea market. All bought and everything can be bought at a flea market, like fleas and flea vectors.

29. World Expo 1900. The Eiffel Tower is proud of its height, these thirteen years, being built as a holiday and a pompous Mrs. World's Fair of 1900.

30. Hotel de Ville and the Bridge d'Arkol. D'Arkol bridge, the first unsupported iron bridge over the Seine, joined Hotel de Ville on the right side and the Hotel-Dieu on the Ile de la Cité. 


  1. Magnificent pictures thanks for effort

  2. Magnificent! Many thanks for the wonderful walkabout in Paris of yesteryear ....