Sunday, August 28, 2011

Top Enchanting Tree Tunnels

Unless you're dendrophobic - in which case it would possibly be the worst sight on Earth seeing as Ents luckily don't exist - there's something eerily romantic and comforting about streets and paths lined with trees, especially when their branches grow to the point where they arch over the road itself and meet in the middle to form a natural tunnel. Of course there a thousands of these green passageways around the planet so this is obviously a small selection, but I thought I'd share a few examples of one of nature's many visual treats.

Aberglasney, Wales

Above: Aberglasney, Wales

Taiwan trees

Above: Taiwan

Kanagawa, Japan

Above: Kanagawa, Japan

California trees

Above: California, USA

Burgos, Spain

Above: Burgos, Spain

Hawaii Trees

Above: Hawaii

Florida trees

Above: Florida, USA

Adelaide, Australia

Above: Adelaide, Australia

Missouri, USA

Above: Missouri, USA

Vila Real, Portugal

Above: Vila Real, Portugal 

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