Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brazilian Woman Wakes Up In Her Coffin Hours - Almost Buried Alive

Brazilian grandmother almost buried alive on Christmas 'dies for the second time'

First she died, then she didn’t. Now, sadly, she has, again.

As 88-year-old Maria das Dores da Conceição’s body was being readied for burial, funeral parlour staff noticed her twitch.

And though hospital doctors in Ipatinga, Brazil, signed her death certificate citing clogged arteries and hypertension, they have ashamedly admitted Mrs Conceicao was very much alive.

But just a day after being rushed back to an intensive care ward, still in her coffin, she has died, again.

Doctors gave her emergency treatment while still in her coffin at the same time as her funeral was due to be held on Christmas Day.

Brazilian police are investigating the case to determine whether a medical error at the hospital led to Mrs Conceicao’s death.

Her granddaughter Noeme Silva Amâncio, 31, who was among the first family members to greet her grandmother back to life told the Brazilian G1 site ‘when I got to the hospital ‘s first emergency aid entrance, I sighted grandma in her coffin,which was inside the funeral hearse.

‘She was breathing and moving about on one side of the coffin more than when she had been initially hospitalised.’

The Mayor’s said police were investigating the case in order to clarify the details to the shocked family.

They said Mrs Conceicao entered the hospital last Tuesday morning with a medical history of hypertension, blocked arteries and Alzheimer’s disease.

She had been bedridden and brought the hospital complaining of pains.

‘Since Wednesday, 22 December, the patient did not present any signs of being alive and was declared officially dead at 16:50 and brought to the funeral parlour at 20:30.

Her daughter Custodia Amancio said: ‘We are happy to know my mother is alive and unhappy with the lack of respect due her.We are still not sure if we will sue the municipality and hospital. ‘

The hospital has not made an official statement on the case.

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