Saturday, November 12, 2011

Permanently Sinking Ship Created

A French artist says coastguards are constantly trying to 'save' him whenever he takes his boat out -- and it's not hard to see why.

Julien Berthier has created 'Love Love' a boat which permanently looks like it is sinking and sticking out of the water.

The zany 35-year-old from Paris took a wrecked boat which he found in Normandy, cut it in half and sealed the end with fibre-glass before fitting two electric motors.

It's said the result is a 'surprisingly stable' craft, where the sailor sits in an upside down seat. Of course the problem is, no-one will ever know if he is in real trouble.

Speaking of his unusual ship Berthier told Newslite: "I froze the moment just a few seconds before the boat disappears forever, creating this endless vision of its most dramatic moment.

"Yet, something not noticable at first glance comes in the way of this stereotyped image. The boat actually doesn't sink.

"And the sailor, well installed in an upside down seat, doesn't seem to panic. Looking closely at it, he can even sail his wrecked ship."

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