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Biggest Burger Ever 2011

The Britain Biggest Burger Ever | Guinness World Records Smashed 2011

The Britain Biggest Burger Every now and again, we all like to treat ourselves to a nice juicy burger with fries and a milkshake.

But this lunchtime snack might take you until supper time to finish.

The Over De Flames burger, which could be the whopper to end all whoppers, contains more than 13,000 calories - almost the amount an average man should consume in a week.

Standing at around 30cm in diameter and containing a staggering 40 slices of cheese, the burger poses a gut-busting challenge for even the hungriest of customers.

Equivalent to more than 26 quarter-pounders, the monolithic meat feast contains three kilos of beef (6.5lb), dwarfing its competitors in the race to be named Britain's biggest - and most calorific - burger.

The brainchild of restaurateur Sudeep De, the burger is only available at the Over De Flames restaurant within Norwich venue The Basement.

The burger, which is served with fries and a milkshake, boasts lashings of relish, ketchup and mayonnaise, plus two whole onions, three tomatoes and an entire head of lettuce.

Mr De is offering £200 to anyone who manages to finish the lot within two hours.

And if they don't, they must pay the menu price of £30.

So far, out of the 26 people who have stepped up to the plate, no one has managed to clean it up.

Father-of-two Mr De, who took over the restaurant in September last year, was inspired to create the monster meal after watching US television show Man v Food.

Mr De, 32, said: 'When I was developing the burger, I tried it out on my family and between me, my wife, our two kids and my in-laws, we were still unable to finish one.

'I first got the idea for the burger from watching Man v Food and when I took over the restaurant I wanted to give it something that would make it stand out.

'All the ones I had seen in the past were just normal-sized burgers stacked on top of each other and anyone can do that.

'I wanted to make one which would be to scale. So I convinced a local bakery to make me the bun, which took about six or seven attempts to get the shape right, and then I set about making the patties.

Each of the patties is 1.5 kilos of beef and there's two of them. So altogether that's three kilos of beef in a single burger.'

A previous contender for the title of Britain's Biggest Burger was rather aptly named the Titanic burger.

Tipping the scales at 2.5lb, the eye-watering mega burger contains two 1lb beef patties (equivalent to 1kg), six rashers of bacon, two chicken breasts, two potato waffles, four onion rings, cheese and - it’s not all bad - a tomato.

The mighty mouthful was prepared by Oscar’s Diner, an American-themed burger bar in Telford, Shropshire.

Hungry customers must eat the entire burger, a large portion of chips, a pot of coleslaw, washing it all down with the ice cream milkshake, within 45 minutes.

And the prize? A free meal, a celebratory photograph and a commemorative T-shirt, presumably in extra large.

The Britain Biggest Burger Ever | Guinness World Records Smashed 2011

The Britain Biggest Burger Ever | Guinness World Records Smashed 2011

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