Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lakshmi Kandaiburu Paintings

Creative Contemporary Visual Art by Lakshmi Kandaiburu
She Says...
It’s really hard to recount how you would feel when you are going back in time. Like there was no gap of emptiness; all these years. Or the past unfairness no longer matters;  as I found my way to righteousness.

I still remember the day when my mothers leg was fractured and still she accompanied me to an Inter school Painting competition. She told me that with such a pain she came with me so far and that she has a little hope from me. God blessed me, I was rewarded first prize. Receiving My first prize and fulfilling my mother's small wish was just an honorable feeling among so many competitors. Since then I started with water colors and now moved to oil and acrylic paintings. Here are few that have tried....

All art reproduced here is copyrighted by Lakshmi Kandaiburu
please don't reproduce without her permission. To purchase art please contact her on Facebook.