Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicago River Turns Green for St. Patrick's Day

While some cities may offer green beer or bagels to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Chicago takes it up a notch by transforming its river into an emerald stream each year. The Windy City resumed its annual tradition this weekend, which marked the 51st time the Chicago River was dyed green since the ritual's introduction in 1962.

Though the exact formula for the solution remains a Chicago secret, it is an orange dye used to turn the blue waterways into the magnificent green river that marks St. Paddy's Day each year. Native Chicagoans and out-of-city spectators alike gather to witness the ceremonious tradition. Even this year, hundreds of thousands of people braved the low temperatures for the festivities, which included a man dressed as a leprechaun riding a water propelled Flyboard. See the festive guy in action, below.

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