Saturday, April 5, 2014

Most Expensive Toothbrush in the World

A Company called Reinast makes the world’s most expensive tooth brushes.The most expensive toothbrush is made from full body premium titanium, Only titanium of the highest grade is used to make the brushes. These brushes are created out of distinct standard materials that combine elegance, durability technology, style and you can get one for $4,272.96. It is made  in Germany, it comes in titanium, champagne, rose and matte-black colors .
Most expensive Toothbrush Reinast Champagne Backside
The main part is that the brush has an antibacterial coating which guards against bacterial attack which is present between the socket and the bristle head.This coating is one of the latest innovations in medical technology. It is durable, safe and at the same time shields against resistant germs.

Reinast Zahnbürste Bristle Heads Intro
Titanium is a material of choice among medical equipment, aviation and aerospace, among others. Another perk associated with having this toothbrush is that its bristle head is replaceable. Every six months, the company delivers six new bristle heads to customers, free of charge.
Moreover, Reinast was also materialized with the vision of its founders to create luxurious everyday out of the latest technology and thorough medical research.

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