Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stunningly Surreal Photos of Wild Animals Captured in Unexpected Ways

London-based photographer David Yarrow captures the wild, natural world in unexpected and often candid ways. His stunning black-and-white images showcase the strength, beauty, and power of wolves, mountain lions, zebras, and more. Sometimes, man-made structures set the scene for amazing and almost-surreal sights while other times, Yarrow lets the majestic animal speak for itself. Every photograph features an incredible amount of detail, and we’re able to admire the idiosyncrasies of each creature.
Some of Yarrow’s most impressive images feature the untamed beasts among people. They occupy bars and trains in gorgeous compositions that make you wonder, “how did he pull that off?” Yarrow gives some insight via his Facebook, writing, “Employing captive animals leaves no for the banal - the situation is somewhat scripted and therefore average will not do. The preparation and logistics involved in securing location access and then working with the wolves was formidable.” While planning is key, he laments, “A wolf is a wolf and they do not tend to comply.”

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