Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beautifully Mysterious Photos

Istanbul-based photographer Ekin Kucuk captures the Gallipoli peninsula in a series of moody black-and-white images. The Turkish locale was once the site of war, but here, Kucuk depicts a more tranquil existence where animals roam on desolate city streets. Her monochromatic pictures have a cinematic feel, as though they’re part of an old silent film.
Horses, chickens, and dogs are all seen enjoying the coastal breeze and traipsing around the occasionally foggy landscape. They’re shot in high contrast, and this effect makes for dramatic, visually-arresting images that speak beyond Gallipoli. In addition to being a getaway spot, Kucuk’s pictures seem like they could represent a number of places - ones that contain mysterious tales or distant but-not-forgotten memories.

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