Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photographer Takes Incredible Self Portraits Posed in Vast Landscapes

Photographer Nicholas Roemmelt reminds us just how big and beautiful our world is with his ongoing series of breathtaking self portraits. Based in Austria, the 40-year-old is lucky enough to have nature that's easily accessible from his backyard. He’ll hike the nearby mountain and insert himself within the frame of his camera, creating spectacular landscapes photos in the process.
Through these epic compositions, we get the sense that Roemmelt is an adventurous guy and passionate about the outdoors. He’s seen camping in the snow, climbing to the top of a peak, and standing above raging waters. Often, he poses at night and his small, silhouetted figure is set against a glittering, starry sky. Seeing the awe-inspiring vastness of Roemmelt’s picturesque photography is inspiration to venture out and explore the amazing places nature has to offer.

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