Sunday, December 19, 2010

Man Eats Nothing But Potatos For 2 Months

Potato-only diet: US man eats nothing but 20 spuds a day for two months
A man in the US has finally come to the end of his highly publicised potato-only diet, which resulted in him losing a stone and a half in weight over two months.

Chris Voigt started his unique diet on October 1 in an attempt to draw attention to the nutritional benefits of eating the vegetable.

As executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, Mr Voigt hopes his efforts will highlight what a good source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C potatoes are.

He is believed to have eaten nothing but 20 potatoes every day for 60 days and claims despite health warnings, has actually lost weight and seen his cholesterol level drop.

On Monday, the last day of his diet, Mr Voigt said he would not consider his campaign a success unless the US government changed its stance on potatoes and changed its plans to limit the number of meals in which the vegetable appears in school menus.

'The people who know me closely know I'm a huge introvert, so this is kind of out of my comfort zone, being front and center,' he said about his diet.

'But this is also part of my job, so I embrace it and welcome it.'

The Facebook group he set up to follow his progress during the two months attracted over 2,000 fans, with many users posting their support for Mr Voigt.

After 60 days of eating only spuds, Mr Voigt said he was planning on having a belated Thanksgiving turkey dinner for his first proper meal in two months

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