Friday, December 31, 2010

Places You want to go at New Year's Eve !!

Howdy Friends!!

Year 2010 is just about to end with all of its pains and gains, all the ups and down, but what so ever people all around the world like to welcome the new year with open arms; in anticipation that the forth coming year will bring happiness and peace to the world and brings life to the living.

so here we have managed to show you the TOP 10 best places you wanna be at your NEW YEAR's EVE !
we recommend you to go by the nearest place to you and welcome the new year in an outstanding fashion.


Our Top 10 list is topped by the very famous
and what you see next is not Paris... it is the city of world, Vegas and the place is
2) Las Vegas Strip

closely following it are the Ausis' at number 3
3)Sydney Harbor Australia
and just creeping behind it is
4) Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

5)Copacabana Beach (Rio De Janerio) BRAZIL :
really a heavenly beach, amazing sights and awsome fireworks
6)London Fire Works
Speaking of fire works, who can forget the amazing fire work in London done at every New Year's Eve. It is really a masterpiece being carried in London7) Shibuya - Tokyo
amazing combination of winters, night and lights

8)Frenchmen Street- New Orleans

9) Champ Elysees - Paris
People are the real beauty of the place
10) Central world Bangkok

Happy New Year 2011 to ya all :)

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