Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Really Weird Tourist Attractions

Here I have compiled a list of some of the weirdest and scary tourist attraction in the world, one is scarier than another.

Mutter Museum of Medical History, Philadelphia

Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia is the museum of pathologies, old medical equipment and biological exhibit items. The museum is most famous for its giant collection of skulls.

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Much of Japanese Navy forces are now lying at the bottom of shallow Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, southwest of Hawaii. These Blue depths are full with wrecks of battleships and aircraft carriers, sunk in the year 1944 and is now open for divers.

Sonora Witchcraft Market in Mexico City, Mexico

Sonora market is opened everyday to pilgrims from Mexico City and tourists from far beyond who come here for fortune predictions and promises of better life. This is the place where the local population buys “supernatural” stuff like some blood of rattlesnake or dried hummingbirds for taming the luck.

Easter Island, Chile

One of the most mysterious places on earth is Easter Island, with huge, cut out stone figures of giants, ingrown in the soil under the weight of millenniums. Statues are staring in the skies, as if they were guilty of some mystical crimes.

Manchac Swamps, Louisiana

Boats with tourists, floating through the swamps in the torchlight are surrounded by old cypresses and long threads of moss hanging down from the branches of cypresses. Manchac Swaps are also called “ghost swaps”.

Paris Catacombs, France

Bones and skulls are packed on both sides of the corridor like goods in the warehouse. The air here is dry and bears only a slight hint of decomposition. Here are also some letterings, in general dating from the French Revolution, which are flagging king and noblemen. They stretch for about 187 kilometers under the whole city and only insignificant part of them is opened to public.

Winchester House, San Jose, California

It is said that ghosts of madness for a girl name Sarah live in 160 rooms of the house. Since the house was opened to public, there are ceaseless complaints about weird happenings. Even if tourists do not believe in ghosts, the place shocks by its immensity.

Mary King’s dead-end, Edinburgh

Several streets with dark past hidden under the medieval Old Town in Edinburgh. The place, where in the XVII-th century the plague victims were closed up and left to die, is famous for its poltergeists. Recently it was opened for tourists, who were attracted by the stories about its supernatural spirits.

Occult Abbey of Thelema, Sicily

Aleister Crowley – is perhaps one of most odious occultists in the world, and this stone farm house filled with dark pagan wall-paintings, once was the cosmopolis of satanic orgies. At least, it was considered to be such in 1920-s. Crowley is known because of his fans, such as Marilyn Manson. Tourists, apt to esotericism can wander there and thrill themselves.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Tourists, coming to Ukraine, in the abandoned city of Pripyat, find themselves in the exclusion zone. Here, all the stuff is left in hurry in that horrible 1986, when Chernobyl NPP accident made thousands of people leave their homes forever.

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