Sunday, April 21, 2013

Modern Shop Spotlight

My Modern Met has featured countless works of art, design, and photography over the years and now some of today's best contemporary artists have prints and canvases of their work available through our art shop. Modern Shop offers an eclectic mix of everything from portraits and landscapes to surreal photography and witty graphic designs. As part of our ongoing series of spotlights for the shop, we're reintroducing our readers to the fantastic works available. 
The photographer and graphic designer offers a beautifully surreal look at planets and moons getting in real close to the Earth's surface and radiating their intergalactic glow for his series titled Our Solar System Takes a Holiday. In this particular image, we get a glimpse of Venus settling into a warmly lit street at night. The orange glow of the fiery planet complements the warm tones of dusk that fills the frame. Williams sets his surreal scene purely from his imagination.

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