Sunday, April 14, 2013

World's Biggest Rabbit

Heard about the bunny darious here are some of the interesting facts and news about it...

Now this is what you’d call a giant bunny rabbit. Meet Darius, the biggest rabbit in the world.

With an astonishing weight of 49 lbs (22.2 kg), Darius is 4 feet and 4 inches (1.32 m) long and can eat as much as 12 carrots each day.

Owned by Annette Edwards from Worcester, England, this mega-bunny keeps breaking his own record in the Guinness World Records book.

Although Darius comes from the long line of big rabbits, his whopping size definitely came as a true surprise. Despite the size, he is a gentle giant and simply loves friendship and petting.

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Darius, aged three, munches through an incredible 12 carrots a day to keep up his strength and fuel his amazing growth spurt.
He already held the title of world's biggest rabbit but has now smashed his own record after vets measured him a month ago and released he had had grown another inch.

Image Source - Daily Mail
Ms Edwards said: 'Sometimes I do feel like I own the Were-Rabbit from the Wallace Gromit films but actually he has a lovely nature to him.
'He is so gentle and I wonder if this has helped him grow bigger than the rest.
'He does run around all the time, so I guess the combination of food and exercise has worked out for him.
'He really is a handsome beast though, there's always a bit of a glint in his eye when you go near him.'

Darius is the son of former record holder Alice and the grandson of earlier owner of the crown, Amy.
Ms Edwards, who splashed out £10k on surgery and diets to turn herself into a real-life Jessica Rabbit, said she was stunned by Darius who just kept growing.  
She said: 'I think it's nice that the record is being kept in the family.
'Obviously his mum Amy died a couple of years ago and that was upsetting, but I think she would like to know her son had taken the record.
'People ask me what my secret is, but there really isn't one other than just treating them well and really looking after them.
A spokesman from Guinness World Records said: 'This is the biggest bunny in the world.  
'Darius is bigger than all the previous record holding rabbits.
'It's unbelievable that a rabbit could grow to over 4ft long.'