Monday, May 20, 2013

Creative Food Art Crocheted with Yarn

Kate Jenkins' Crocheted Food Art will have your stomach growling with hunger. The talented UK-based artist owns her own label, Cardigan, where she sells many fashionable crochet designs like wraps, scarves, hats, and toys. But, the handmade creations that we love best are all of these deliciously appealing meals that she makes out of wool and yarn. Everything from a hamburger on a bun to a full sushi meal are featured in the artist's inventive designs.
Jenkins has fun with her art, creating googly-eyed sausage links, french fries with little faces, and burritos with moustaches. Additionally, she titles her pieces with crochet puns like Fish and StitchesSpaghknitti & Meatballs, and Sewshi. The realistic food designs have great color and texture, and the life-like shapes look so yummy, it wouldn't be surprising if some of her pieces get mistaken for scrumptious snacks!

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