Monday, July 1, 2013

Creates a Window to the Past

Hungarian artist and photographer Kerényi Zoltán compares images from the past to the present in his series titled Ablak a Múltra, translated as Window to the Past. The photographer takes images from Fortepan, a site with an online collection of amateur photos from 1900 through the 1990's, and overlays it onto his own images at the same location.The black and white images from the past explore both the differences and similarities over time.
Zoltán's intriguing series compares architecture, fashion, and automotive technology by meticulously aligning the monochromatic image against the modern day backdrop. We're given the chance to see that the seats in today's stadiums were once occupied by past generations, newly renovated buildings used to be rundown spaces, and walkways didn't always have protective railings. Ultimately, this process reveals the progressive changes made by the past lives that have inhabited the same streets, parks, and buildings we walk across and live on today.
Top photo: 1900 meets 2012

1927 meets 2013

1937 meets 2012

1978 meets 2012

1962 meets 2012

1953 meets 2012

1954 meets 2012

1939 meets 2011

1948 meets 2013

1945 meets 2013

1963 meets 2013

1968 meets 2012

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