Friday, July 12, 2013

Strangest Museums Around the World


When we think of museums we often have a generic image of grandiose institutions containing artifacts from hundreds, thousands and millions of years ago. They are usually a favorite haunt for school trips and tourists excursions providing educational and inspiring insights to our past. Well forget that. Much more interesting are the museums on the fringes of society, catering to the weird and wonderful tastes in life. So ready on and puzzle yourself with six of the oddest attractions on the face of the planet.
Dog Collar Museum, Kent, England:

Yes they have a museum for these. Based in Leeds Castle, Kent, the collection covers canine collars spanning 500 years to the present age. Hardly the most exciting of exhibits, this is one for people with nothing much going on in their lives.
The Museum of Death, San Diego, US:

If you feel like you need more fun in your life, where better to visit than this wonderful building in San Diego. It’s the number one place to view real life murder weapons and various displays of body bags and coffins for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you catch the morgue pictures from the Black Dahlia murders. Fun for all the family!
The Iceland Phallological Museum, Iceland:

This one might not be for everyone as it’s quite literally full of d*cks! This museum is the only one in the world dedicated to penises from one country. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The exhibitions cover all manner of willies ranging from mice and shrew right up to the impressive member of a blue whale. This place is truly unique and it even has a penis shaped entrance sign. What are you waiting for?
Currywurst Museum, Berlin:

On a similar theme to the one above, the Germans have decided to pay homage to their love of the sausage by dedicating a whole museum to it. Focusing mainly on the “Currywurst” variety, visitors are greeted with various sights and smells of all things sausage. There is even the opportunity to mock up behind a sausage stand and feel what it’s like to be a sausage seller. Exciting stuff!
Leila’s Hair Museum, Missouri:

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, up pops this interesting little place in Missouri. Owned by a former hairdresser, this museum is the place where you can observe a variety of things made from hair. Handbags, bracelets and even wreaths have all been given a hair make over. In all there are over 2000 examples of antique art made from human hair. We can’t help feeling that the place has a bit of a Norman Bates vibe going on.
The Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, US:

Finishing off our roundup of strange museums, we have the Mütter Museum. Now this is a place where you are actually encouraged to stop and stare at other humans. These humans are dead though and here you can bask in the delights of corpses that have turned into soap and peruse over two thousand objects removed from the mouths of various different people over the years. You will even have the pleasure of seeing the cancerous growth of President Grover Cleveland as part of the wonderful display before you head out to lunch!

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