Friday, July 12, 2013

Ugliest Animals in the world


Not every animal is as cuddly as a giant panda or as extravagant as a peacock, but every animal has its role to play and every organism is important. We have a selection of 8 ugliest animals on the planet for you.

Oyster toadfish or Fish-frog:
A small and very unattractive fish-frog lives in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Outwardly resembles a fish-drop, only a little less sad and optimistic.
8 Ugliest Animals in the world

Purple frog:

Purple frog was discovered by scientists in 2003. This species is a living fossil, it lives in the Western Ghats. Its habitat, a tiny area of ​​14 square kilometers. The closest relatives of this brown lump of mucus lives thousands of miles to the west – in the Seychelles. This frog leads a reclusive life, eats termites and comes to the surface a few times a year, only to mate.

8 Ugliest Animals in the world
Goblin shark:
Another inhabitant of the oceans that’s extremely unattractive. The shark got it’s name because of its nose and mouth with a retractable thin crooked teeth. 
This shark is extremely aggressive, and will eat just about everything that moves.
8 Ugliest Animals in the world
When God created all living things, and saw that “it is good”, he just did not notice the Blobfish. This creature has the sadness that no comedian can wash off. Blobfish lives off the coast of Australia, at a depth of about one kilometer, it is under threat of extinction.

8 Ugliest Animals in the world
European anglerfish or monkfish:
This deep-sea animal, can live at depths of up to half a kilometer, and is edible, especially in France. It has a dense white meat without bones, that’s very popular in restaurants. This fish is yet to work out a plan to hide from humans, so they are easily caught, right now their numbers are declining rapidly.

8 Ugliest Animals in the world
Beaver, duck bill and poisonous spurs on their hind legs – what could be worse. Platypus is one of the few venomous mammals, who can seriously injure their abusers just by touching them. Platypus venom is deadly to small animals and can cause huge and unbearable pain that can last for several months to humans. However, this animal is loved by Australians, they even got it’s face on a 20 pence coin.

8 Ugliest Animals in the world

It has an elongated body with slender legs, which clings to the branches of trees. Such unpleasant appearance can not explain very beautiful hair that puffs up on the head. On the other hand, the Aye-aye has some enchanting charm and charisma. Even though he is not handsome, his middle finger will out rank any human who wants to give you a f*ck.

8 Ugliest Animals in the world
Naked mole rat:
Curious feature of excavators is their immunity to cancer and insensitivity to certain types of physical effects: they did not respond to thermal and chemical burns, can live at prohibitively high concentration of carbon dioxide. Naked mole rats have a strict internal hierarchy between individuals and complex social systems. With this organization, and stamina it is not surprising that naked mole rats can live up to thirty years.
8 Ugliest Animals in the world

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