Monday, September 1, 2014

8 Year-Old Carries His Disabled Brother Through Their First Triathalon

This story of brotherly love is both inspirational and awe-inspiring. When 8-year-old Noah Aldrich heard about a local youth triathlon being hosted by the YMCA, he decided that he wanted participate in the event alongside his 6-year-old brother Lucas. For three months, the boys trained for the event.
The one difference with Lucas is that he was born with Lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder that means he will never walk, talk, or eat on his own. So, for all of the training and on the big day, older brother Noah pushed or pulled his brother alongside him and they participated as a team.
During the 200-meter swim, Noah pulled Lucas in a raft; Lucas was set up in a bike trailer for the 3-mile bike ride; and finally, Noah pushed Lucas in front of him for the one mile run.
Lucas and Noah's mom, Alissa Aldrich, who is also working to start non-profit organization Lucas House, said, “It was a little nerve wracking but exciting and exhilarating at the same time. And we're definitely proud. As a parent it was a pretty incredible thing to watch.”
Since then, the boys have even decided to run in their second triathlon. Way to go boys! Congratulations!

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