Monday, September 1, 2014

Paper Business Card Features a Foldable USB Drive for Extra Info

Considering how quickly that technology advances, it’s no surprise that even our business cards are becoming more hi-tech. SwivelCard is a paper business card that has a standard design, but includes something extra: it features an embedded USB drive that folds out and directs its recipient to a specified website when plugged into the computer. Created by Spokane, Washington-based engineer Andrew DePaula, this innovative smart card adds another dimension to networking.
Each SwivelCard contains a unique ID that allows you to remotely program your destination page, and there are a lot of possibilities. You can update information, individually tailor the user’s experience, or add pictures and videos. Right now, the cards have a limited amount of built-in storage (less than 1MB), but it includes analytics so you can track how your marketing is working.
You can currently preorder the SwivelCard through the creator’s Kickstarter page.

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