Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Female Figures Gracefully Pose Within Surreal Settings

Photographer Kylli Sparre draws upon her background in dance to create elegant narratives that feel like scenes right out of a dream. The artist uses image manipulation to merge graceful figures with surreal backgrounds. Through gesture and form, the intriguing compositions are filled with a powerful energy that radiates with emotion.
Through her rich imagination, Sparre produces enchanting moments where feminine forms are the delicate central focus of the mind-bending scenes. Sparre has such a wide range of distinctly fantastic work that it's impossible to know what to expect next from the talented artist. Each composition will take viewers on a journey into a world of imagination.
"I never realized that I am inspired by dance until people started telling me that. So it is unconscious. Now I see that it influences the way I see the lines of a body and the movement [that] I am drawn to," says Sparre. "It took me years to finally find what truly inspires me. The feeling I get, when a picture turns out the way I imagine… I get so much energy and I love to be alive!"

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