Monday, October 13, 2014

Colorful Illustrations Added to Photos Transform Reality into Fantasy

Rio de Janeiro-based illustrator and graphic designer Marina Papi (@marinapapi) enhances photographs with her colorful, imaginative illustrations. They transform the images into a combination of reality and fantasy, and she pairs scenes from everyday life with things we’ve never seen before. “This is my attempt to write poetry without words,” Papi tells Instagram.
Papi uses rainbow-colored hues to paint her characters and enhance landscapes with gorgeous textures. We see that she has reimagined a parachute as a bird’s wings, a boy’s ball as the planet Saturn, and also included a group of jellyfishes flying in the sky. The splashes of ink and vibrant washes give the illustrative elements an energetic feel. It’s a nice visual contrast to the photographs and evokes something out of a dream.

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