Monday, October 13, 2014

Ronin 47 Motorcycle Reimagines the Discontinued Buell 1125

The Ronin 47 Motorcycle is a limited-edition bike that takes inspiration and design ideas from the now-discontinued Buell 1125 (a former Harley Davidson subsidiary). As that model was on its way out in 2009, the guys at Ronin Motor Works acquired two of the bikes to see what could be built using a liquid-cooled engine and minimalist frame; the result is a striking, unconventional motorcycle.
Its features include a custom monoshock linkage suspension system and a front-mounted radiator to help cool down the notoriously hot Rotax-designed motor. In addition, there are stacked low and high beam headlights along with a bevy of new changes: system controls, gauges, seating, LED taillight, and even a radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled key for push-button starting. Together, these tweaks decrease the motorcycle's weight by 54 pounds from that of its predecessor.
The bike’s name comes from the Japanese folktale The 47 Ronin, and only 47 samurai-named motorcycles will be available over the course of six releases. Its current price tag is $38,000 dollars.

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