Sunday, November 2, 2014

Amazing Solar-Powered “eTree” Provides a Restful Phone Charging Station with Free Wi-Fi

A common problem is the need to charge your phone when you’re out and about. But, finding a place to do it is often tricky. With the eTree, however, you can power up your device using green solar energy that’s installed in public spaces. It was created by the Israel-based company Sologic, and this life-sized “tree” is a place to take a break while recharging your phone and accessing the Internet via free Wi-Fi.
The eTree is modeled after an actual tree and mimics the brown branches and trunk. But, instead of having leaves, there are energy-generating solar panels that are angled towards the sky. It also has USB charging points and provides some illumination during the night along with seating located beside the tree.
Sologic recently installed the first eTree at a nature reserve in Israel. They see this as being a public space facility, a social-environmental enterprise, and an ecological sculpture that promotes sustainable energy.

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