Sunday, November 2, 2014

Incredible Halloween Makeup Transformations

Looking to win the top prize at a Halloween party? It's not too late to come up with a creative costume! Last year we showed you 12 fantastic Halloween makeup transformations that included an awesome Pop Art Zombie and an eerie Cracked Statue. We created a new list this year that's jam-packed with more ideas. Taking inspiration from pop culture, including movies and television shows, you'll see how these talented people took things to the next level. Try creating these yourself or ask your friend to help you out. Makeup + Costume = Win!
Photo credit: @nickeilgenesis
Blood Elf
Photo credit: Sssamanthaa
Photo credit: makeupmaiden
Van Gogh
Photo credit: elloellothere via Reddit
Photo credit: Brittany Couture
Photo credit: saupvesfpssas
Toy Soldier
Photo credit: frmheadtotoe
Photo credit: Christy Lewis
Snake Girl
Photo credit: MadeULook by Lex
Universe Face
Photo credit: Brittany Couture
Morticia Addams
Photo credit: MadeULook by Lex
Comic Book
 Photo credit:cmalino86 via Imgur
Photo credit: JohnnMarie
Doctor Who Black Light Makeup
Photo credit: Katie Alves
White Walker

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