Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dangerous Popsicles

Have you ever had the urge to lick a cactus? Probably not, but what if you could - in an alternatively safer form, of course. It’s the idea behind designer Wei Li’s project titled Dangerous Popsicles; they’re a collection of colorful, oddly-shaped frozen treats that are inspired by cacti and life-threatening viruses.
Li created the popsicles by first modeling and printing them using an Objet Connex 500 three-dimensional printer. The newly-produced forms were then used as originals to make silicone molds that later cast the edibles we see here. What results is an interesting fusion of harmful subject matter (that we’re often taught to avoid) with an innocent summer treat.
This peculiar juxtaposition doesn’t go unnoticed by Li. She explains, “Dangerous Popsicles create a unique sensory experience. Before tasting with your tongue, you first taste with your eyes and mind. The popsicles are nothing but water and sugar, but ideas of deadly viruses and the spikiness of cacti are enough to stimulate your senses, even before your first taste.”

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